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      Col. natural  

Col. sage/lorbeer


      Col. scarlet red   Col. dark blue    
      Col. taupe/dark umber   Col. blueish grey    
      Col. black   Col. golden yellow    
      Col. thunderbolt white   Col. handpainted MC 22    
      Col. handpainted MC 40   Col. saddle    
      GX0084   GX2275    
      GX9726   OS4999
gold or silver
      GX2493   GX9789    
      GX2492   OS4969
gold or silver
      GX2571   GX2494    
      GX2489   GX2674    
      GX9804   GX2096    
      GX0014   OS5053
gold and silver (Set
gold and silver (Set)
  Special Edition
with Swarovski Jet stones

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