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               ...a new concept for belts

To mark our 20 years jubilee, we set off on a new venture:

Snakes-of-Ireland belts an in-house             
creation by tabeas manufaktur

Once a year we also produce a numbered, limited edition model.

The Snakes-of-Ireland principle

The concept of using an extremely flat metal clip allows interchanging belts and buckles according to the fancy, mood and style of the wearer. Additional buckles are also separately available. The 35 mm wide belt can be shortened with a pair of scissors to the required waist measurement. For retailers, the Snakes-of-Ireland-principle means that the initial belt length of at least 115 cm covers all sizes required.

The TWO-IN-ONE-effect

Thanks to the clasp included in the set, the cut off end of the belt can easily be turned into a bracelet, your second fashionable accessory. You will fall in love with "your" new belt concept!

the current collection

Instructions for correctly measuring your waist



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