About us - philosophy


We manufacture beautiful things in our own workshop - since 1993!

Only the best materials are good enough for us. We use exclusively top-quality leather.

Our fashionable, elegant fittings are from Italy. They are nickel-plated to a high standard. Swarovski crystals are the answer if sparkle is a must. The lining: genuine light-weight leather..

Our models are the result of years of development: strong, unique pieces of distinct individuality. That is why we are not talking of "collections". We do, however, take inspiration from trends emanating from the world's fashion metropolis.

Our experience in working with leather and fur of all kinds goes back more than twenty years. Calf and cow hides are exclusively of European origin.

When working with leathers, skins and furs from protected species, all laws an regulations are strictly observed. We ensure that materials from protected species originate from rigorously controlled breeding-farms or from licensed shoots.

It goes without saying that we take care of obtaining all required permits and that we keep up-to-date with the changes made to classifications as listed by the Veterinary Department of the Swiss Government. In case of an acute threat to a species, the corresponding materials are immediately excluded from our range of goods.





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